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Who We Are

Who We Are

By creators. For creators. 
Creation.Ink is the first truly creator-owned company, a gathering of creators who have come together to nurture stories across the transmedia spectrum.

We are transparent.

We are collaborative.

We are creative.

We are Creation.Ink. 

The first imaginative, collaborative, creator owned company.

We don’t have any products to show here right now.


CREATION.INK is a next generation ENTERTAINMENT STUDIO that is fully equipped to prosper in the rapidly changing business landscape of the digital age.

The ancient art of narrative is changing. After centuries of linear storytelling, we are witnessing the emergence of a new form of narrative – one that is native to the internet in the same way that the novel is native to print.


Told through various media platforms at once, in a non-linear fashion, these new narratives encourage the audience not merely to watch but also to participate, often engaging them in the same way games do. They are not just entertaining, but immersive, taking the user deeper than the hour-long TV drama or the two hour movie will permit. They give us an experience we can transform into our own.


All around, stories are breaking the limits imposed by the mediums of print, film and video. Boundaries that once seemed clear; between author and audience, illusion and reality, are starting to blur.


Audiences want to be immersed. They want to get involved in a story, to carve out a role for themselves, to be a part of it and make it their own.

What We Are

Wha We Are
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